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Infrastructure Contractor

Your Town, USA

About AktaryTech

AktaryTech is a dev shop originally founded in 2008. We found a foothold building complex business systems, usually in Fintech. Because of our background, it was only a matter of time until we pivoted in 2017 to focus on crypto, blockchains, and web3. Crypto has come easy to us and while we are ~90% Ethereum right now, we’re opening up to new blockchains.

We’ve worked on NFT platforms, built DeFi systems, and are always looking to be at the cutting edge of the next drops..

Tech Stack: Requirements

  • Strong in both AWS and GCP:
    • For AWS: EC2, RDS, S3, IAM and Cloudfront.
    • For GCP: SQL, Storage, GAE, IAM.
  • A bent towards strong security protocols and permissions management.
  • Some DB knowledge, preferably in PostgreSQL and Redis, but also a noSQL like Firebase or MongoDB.
  • Docker and general container knowledge; in particular when to use it and when not to use it.
  • Experience with CI/CD, preferably with GitHub, but Jenkins or CircleCI would work too.

Strongly Desired:

  • Kubernetes knowledge.
  • NodeJS backend experience and/or React frontend experience.


  • Experience with provisioning tools like Chef or Puppet.
  • Knowledge of testing tools like Locust and Chaos Monkey, or any other tools that would make small project management easier in the long run.
  • Some blockchain experience, especially with Web3 APIs or contract writing in either Rust or Solidity.
  • Skills with Python.

We know you’ll be successful if you:


  • Can quickly setup the necessary infrastructure for small to medium sized projects;
  • Be able to systematize deployment of web applications as well as centralized cross-chain services.

You won’t want this role if:


  • Want to clock in/out – At times we end up working longer hours to finish a project. While this isn’t our goal, at times it takes everyone on the team to pitch in because of how new some protocols are and the learning that it takes to make sure we deliver.
  • You don’t want to learn new skills – We often have new projects coming down the pipe and because of this have to quickly get up to speed and adapt. It’s not the same job day in/day out.
  • You want comfort – Whether it’s learning new skills, researching new protocols, or architecting new solutions; this space changes a lot. This is both what makes it exciting for some and not a great fit for others.

The Opportunity

Build a career in Web3 before the masses and see huge growth potential for your current role.

As a bootstrapped company that works at the forefront of designing and building complex systems you have a unique opportunity to set the trajectory for your career. This role is going to have leadership opportunities and the ability to meet with internal and external stakeholders. Help set the trajectory for not only yourself, but the company as a whole.

We know you’ll be successful if you…

  1. Architect what we need to build, with a focus on the frontend, while working with other engineers to delegate, oversee, and implement code needed for customers.
  2. Can take the lead on UI development, but also can provide insight into API and database work.
  3. Coach, mentor, and help hire future team members across multiple technology sets.

Why Us

We are a small, driven, mostly US-based team that is incredibly proud of what we have built so far, and we are looking to work on larger and more complex protocols and projects. We offer the standard benefits, but we also have some other perks you may find exciting:

  • $130,000 – 150,000
  • Unlimited PTO
  • 401K matching program
  • Work in Ethereum as well as Cosmos, Solana, Near, and other Rust-centric blockchains
  • Flexible hours — work when it’s best for you
  • Ability to learn new concepts every single day. You won’t get bored with the complex problems we work on
  • Bonuses in crypto — we are often working on early protocols and let’s just say we work to get allocations

Reporting Structure

You’re a part of our core team. Because of this, you’ll be reporting directly to David Aktary, our founder. David, while operating the company also acts as the lead architect for the backend and doesn’t ask the team to do anything he’s unwilling to do. Part of the opportunity in this role is to come alongside him to divide and conquer.

Your Background

It is likely you will be a great fit for this role if you are a technology fan and actually have some opinions on what works and under what conditions. Having a lifelong passion for computer science and choosing to study it in college would only impress us further. Furthermore, we know crypto, DeFI, and web3 is new, but we’d love to see previous blockchain work; whether passion project or work experience. If you haven’t yet gotten to jump into smart contracts, seeing an open mind with how you think through coding problems and logic will be a start.

Our Application Process

We’ve got a few questions below that we’d like you to complete — so go through them, and provide your answers, and submit the application.  That’s the beginning.

Then, in about 5 ays or so, you’ll receive an email from us about next steps.  It could be faster, but if we are super busy – it could take up to 5 business days for us to review, and respond back.

We’re growing, and it’s an exciting time to be a blockchain developer!!