smart contract development

Smart Contract Development

We understand the architectures that safely perform and produce the results you need…

DeFi Protocol development

DeFi Protocols

We build DeFi protocols that enable the exchange of products and services…

cross-chain bridge development

Cross-Chain Bridges

Extend your app and enable token transfers, smart contracts, data exchange, and more…

NFT platform development

NFT Platforms

We build platforms that enable the creation, buying, and selling of non-fungible tokens (NFTs)…


An Expert Blockchain Development Company

We specialize in blockchain and web3 development services.
Collaborative. Thorough. Expert.

We work with Blockchain Startups & Native Blockchain Companies to build/extend your functionality.

In A Nutshell…

AktaryTech is about team!

We strive to build a collaborative, supportive environment with our team and with our clients, where each member of the team can refine and develop their skills. We love to share what we know, what we’ve learned, and are always hungry to learn more. 


Love what we do


Implement Sound Architectures


Focus on Quality and Maintainability


Follow Proven & Flexible Process

It’s the Team that makes us special.

We hire highly skilled , accomplished, and U.S.-based developers. We deepen their experiences and broaden their skillsets through exciting, challenging projects using the latest blockchain technologies.

David Aktary, CEO

David Aktary


Adam Kecskes, Service Delivery

Adam Kecskes

Director of Service Delivery

Kim Albee, Director of Marketing

Kim Albee

Director of Marketing

Shane Neeley, R&D

Shane Neeley

Director of R&D

Our Project Process

Agile Sprint Cycles We follow an Agile-centric process, driven by the three pillars: Inspection, Adaptation, and Transparency. We are always seeking opportunities for improvement in our products, processes, and practices. We adjust and adapt based on what we’ve learned. And we have the courage to share not only in the delight of our successes but also in finding remedies to and learning from our mistakes.

Your project starts long before we write any code. Preparing for a software project is part of a larger collaborative process that involves understanding your business goals, users, constraints, risks, and future opportunities. This familiarity lets every step of the design and development process be informed by your company’s tone and goals. In addition to learning about your business, we’ll discuss the technologies we’ll use and the challenges we expect. Once we understand the problem and agree on the right solution, we’ll define the features that support the core application and create a cost and schedule estimate for your blockchain project.
Once the planning stage is finished, we’re ready to take those ideas and start turning them into reality. We’ll put together mockups and demonstration materials focusing on various elements of presentation and functionality, then discuss them with you and adapt them as necessary. These materials, along with any technical diagrams, will be broken down in to discrete steps and used to fill out a project backlog. We’ll work with you to prioritize the backlog and begin planning out what will be accomplished during each sprint. Once the backlog is sorted, it’s time to begin coding.
The plans have been laid down, the backlog is ready to go — it’s time to code. Following a two-week sprint schedule, we’ll work through the product backlog, testing the code and keeping you updated as we go. The goal of each sprint is to deliver incremental, tested functionality that can be deployed if necessary.
As development progresses, you’ll find that it’s a dynamic process — requirements and features often change as the actual product begins to take shape. By using Agile methodologies, we can respond to these changes and updates on the fly without having to worry about the cost and schedule overruns associated with a more traditional “waterfall” development approach. We’ll work closely with you throughout development to review the project’s progress, discuss any changes or updates, and adjust the product backlog as necessary.
Once the product is finished, you’ll receive all the source code, design collateral, and other materials associated with the project. We can assist you in setting up your operating environment or deploy to your existing environment if needed. We also have options to maintain the functionality if that is needed. We finish all projects with a client interview to understand what worked, and what we could do better; all part of our continuous improvement commitment.

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